The aims of the Biomedical Division are to:

- strengthen the relationship amongst members and other professional institutions; and
- promote the engineering practice and medical device regulation;
- facilitate the exchange of information and ideas in relation to biomedical engineering
- collaborate with the Biomedical Discipline Advisory Panel for the development of the professional stream

Biomedical Division plays an important role in:-
- enhancing the exchange of technology, information and management skill within the biomedical engineering field;
- promoting the awareness and the benefit of biomedical engineering to Hong Kong Industry; 
- establishing and maintaining good link works and relationship with external bodies;
- promoting interaction and fellowship between professionals;
- fostering and monitoring the training of young engineers

The affairs of the Division are managed by the Division Committee, which is elected by Division members. The Committee comprises:
- Chairman, elected at the Division Annual General Meeting;
- Immediate Past Chairman;
- Six to fifteen ordinary members of the Committee elected at the Division Annual General Meeting;
- Ex-officio members:

One representative of the Associate Members Committee nominated by that Committee;
One representative of the Young Members Committee nominated by that Committee;
Council Member (Division);
Discipline Representative of the Division; and
Up to three co-opted members

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