The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers

Biomedical Division

Chairman's Annual Report (Session 2021/2022)


The Biomedical Division (BMD) has been gone through a fruitful year of Session 2021/2022 despite the challenges COVID-19 pandemic, thanks to enthusiastic dedication and active participation of our committee members to continue bringing in support to BMD.

The Division has undergone continuous developments over the past 32 years. I am glad to see the Division’s continuous contribution as a learned society and sharing platform for the biomedical engineering field in Hong Kong.  To keep up with the emerging technologies in biomedical profession worldwide, the BMD has played a significant supporting role in various global events related to BME in Hong Kong in collaboration with local institutions, the industry, and the academia in. Besides, the Division also:

1.      Supporting local biomedical engineering research and development.

2.       Exhibit and showcase biomedical engineering technologies to public.

            3.       Promoting knowledge exchange among the academia, industry, and overseas biomedical engineering industry

4.        Organising technical training, workshops and visits; and

5.        Attracting and inspire more young students to pursue the profession.

InnoCarnival 2021

During this Session, the BMD co-organized with Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC) and exhibited in InnoCarnival 2021 during 23rd to 31st October 2021. BMD was the only HKIE division joined the InnoCarnival, and I wish more divisions will join this meaningful event to let the public to know more about Engineers and Hong Kong Innovations. Echoing to the theme “Innovate for a Bright Future”, with the support from three co-organizations, i.e., Vincent Medical, Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong and Department of Biomedical Engineering of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, BMD’s booth show the latest medical equipment, including Hi-flow ventilator from Vincent Medical and AR-Home Rehabilitation system from CUHK, to allow visitors learn more about innovations and how biomedical engineers can support to fight against COVID-19. Besides, Ir Prof Raymond Tong also contributed a live webinar on AR-Home Rehabilitation system, demonstrating the working principle, biomedical engineering technologies involved and how people with chronic disease, stroke survivors, and the elderly can be beneficial from the AR automated training system with therapist’s guidance.

More than 500 visitors came to visit our booth during this event. As of the increasing importance of biomedical engineering taking part in the medical systems, our role hence will become more significant and would like to let the public knowing more about biomedical engineers and innovations. We have posted our activity on the Hong Kong Engineer (Dec 2021 issue).

Technical Visit to the CUHK Medical Centre

The Division also organized a technical visit to the Medical Centre of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHKMC) on 7 August 2021. The visit enabled members to appreciate the smart hospital, state-of-the-art technologies and equipment used in the healthcare setting. Over 80 members participated, with 30 members attending from different disciplines, including Biomedical, Electronics, Information, Building Services, Environmental, Manufacturing, Industrial & Systems and Structural, on a first come-first-serve basis. The tour was hosted by CUHKMC ambassadors, the BM Division Chairman Ir Prof Raymond Tong and the participants visited different in-patient and out-patient facilities as well as the auditorium, the design studio and meeting rooms. The latest medical technologies including telemedicine, 5G technology for surgical image transmission, RFID technology for hospital asset management were all introduced. Members also engaged the CUHKMC ambassadors in discussions on the different equipment. We have posted this activity on the Hong Kong Engineer (Oct 2021 issue).

Webinars, competition and conference

To support promoting biomedical engineering knowledge and STEM education, the Division also organized various webinars to committee and public, including

  • “Webinar Sharing of recent China MedTech Show” by Ir Raymond Fu;

  • “Webinar on Major Countries Regulatory updates” by Mr. Billy Wong;

  • Co-organizer of 廣東省光學學會2021年學術交流大會

  • Supporting organization of EMedic Global competition 2021, organized by The Chinese University of Hong Kong

  • Supporting organization of 第三屆生物醫學工程創意競賽之 愛.創耆樂, organized by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

During the difficult time of COVID-19 pandemic, members of our division have all contributed in their positions to fight against the pandemic. Examples include sourcing and shipping ventilation equipment, developing and deploying fever screen systems at border control points, developing mask testing equipment … etc.

I would like to extend my gratitude to the excellent support from the HKIE Headquarters and other Divisions’ enthusiastic collaboration.  The active participation of all of our Committee Members and stakeholders are also crucial for organising the activities during the year.  In the upcoming year, the BMD will continue promotion of the field, organising learned society activities and attract young talents to pursue the biomedical engineering profession.  I have great confidence that the new Committee members will lead the Division to the next era, with healthy growth and contributions benefiting our biomedical engineering profession, industry, and community