Biomedical Division Session 2017/2018 – Chairman Message

It is my great honour to be elected as the Chairman of the Biomedical Division for the Session 2017/2018. I am excited to witness the growth of the Division since my joining to serve the Committee in the 90s, which I look forward to the continuous development of the industry as well as the profession in the coming session.


We are committed to engage local biomedical engineers and strengthen our connection with academia and industry in Session 2017/2018 through a wide spectrum of activities including membership drive initiatives in local universities, training workshops, networking events, technical visits, career seminars and delegation tours. We shall also support more healthcare institutions and medical device suppliers in adopting Scheme "A" training. As a member of the International Federation for Medical and Biological Engineering (IFMBE), we shall represent Hong Kong by sending delegates to regional and international conferences. Last but not least, we are currently preparing for our signature biennial Biomedical Engineering International Conference 2018 which will embrace topics from frontier medical technologies, clinical engineering practice to medical device regulatory affairs.


The proposal of medical device regulation in Hong Kong was recently under heated discussion. As a world city, we need medical technologies with safety, efficacy and quality for the wellbeing of our citizens. Moreover, the demand for talents with knowledge and experience in biomedical engineering will be on the rise in light of the development of regulatory framework. We shall participate in facilitating the implementation of the medical device legislation, as well as instating the role and importance of biomedical engineering professionals.


All these initiatives will not happen without your involvement. I would like to appeal for your support to shape the even better development of biomedical engineering profession. Thank you!


Ir Raymond POON Kwok-ying

Chairman of Biomedical Division

Session 2017/2018