Events / Activities

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    12/04/2019 Conferences 30th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Biomedical Division, HKIE
    27/04/2018 Technical Seminar Multilayer Flexible PCB Printing Technology and Smart Product Research and Development Lunch Seminar
    13/04/2018 Conferences The 29th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Biomedical Division, HKIE
    30/11/2017 Technical Seminar Seminar : Biomedical / Clinical Engineering in Healthcare IT - Roles and Qualifications
    30/11/2017 Technical Seminar Symposium Cum Workshop - "Safety Connecting to Future Smart Hospital & Healthcare"
    02/11/2017 Technical Seminar Health Technology Management - New Directions and What You Should Know
    01/10/2017 Technical Visit Overseas Training to Barcelona on Novel Soft Robotics Technology from Design, Fabrication to Validation for Smart Healthcare
    12/05/2017 Conferences 28th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Biomedical Division
    09/12/2016 Conferences Biomedical Engineering Symposium 2016 : Brain and Neuroengineering
    04/12/2014 Conferences Biomedical Engineering International Conference 2014
    01/11/2014 Others InnoCarnival 2014 - HKIE-BMD Exhibition Booth
    15/07/2014 Technical Seminar “藥品、醫療及保健器材分銷行業 - 質量保障、倉儲及流通管理規範”培訓課程
    08/07/2014 Technical Seminar Soft-landing Series: Technology-Industry Matching Seminar on International Consumer Electronics Innovations
    26/06/2014 Technical Seminar Seminar: Overview of Phototherapy
    30/04/2014 Technical Visit 1-day Study Mission to Guangzhou on Medical Device Testing and Registration
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